AllCloud Reveals Current and Emerging Trends in Cloud Infrastructure

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A new study found that organizations are planning to expand their use of cloud infrastructure, and cloud-native technologies such as containers and microservices already have made significant footholds in corporate IT departments.

Tel Aviv, Israel (January 15, 2020) AllCloud, a global cloud services provider, announces the results of a survey on cloud infrastructure. Completed this month, AllCloud’s 2020 “Cloud Infrastructure Report” sought to understand how IT decision-makers in companies of at least 300 employees are using cloud infrastructure, which platforms and technologies they’re leveraging, and the goals that are driving their moves to the cloud. 

Over 150 IT decision-makers participated in the study, AllCloud’s first. Following are the three most significant findings:

Organizations Will Move Aggressively to the Cloud – 85% of survey respondents said they expect to have the majority of their workloads on the cloud by the end of this year, and 24% plan to be cloud-only. The evidence shows that organizations are becoming more comfortable and familiar with cloud technology while recognizing its increasing benefits. What was once a simple implementation or a single workload migration to the cloud has now transformed into a complete infrastructure, platform and application modernization. 

New Technologies Are Increasingly Popular within IT Departments – New technologies, including containers and microservices, have crossed the chasm in terms of company adoption. More than 56% of respondents said at least half of all their cloud workloads are using containers or microservices. 

Reliability and Security Lead Cost When Choosing a Cloud Platform – 28% of survey respondents said that security was their primary goal when selecting a cloud platform, and 26% said reliability was their primary objective. Flexibility (22%) was the third most important consideration, followed by cost (14%) and integrations (8%). Internal know-how and available resources brought up the rear, at 2%, which speaks to the confidence level of IT professionals in terms of how well prepared their companies are from an IT talent perspective. 

“The survey findings are consistent with what we’re hearing from our customers,” says Eran Gil, CEO of AllCloud. “The ‘I’m planning on moving to the cloud’ train has long since left the station, with the vast majority of organizations having moved, or are in the process of moving their workloads to the cloud. Likewise, DevOps technologies are rising, and cost continues to take a back seat to more end-user facing benefits of cloud, such as reliability and security. It will be interesting to see how these results shift in 2020.”

 The complete 2020 Cloud Infrastructure Report can be found here.

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