AllCloud Launches Lightning Migration Assessment for Salesforce Users 

Here’s what’s happening at AllCloud

The Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner is rolling out a new service, on top of its existing Lightning Experience migration services, that aims to help clients get to the new Salesforce platform quickly and seamlessly through a multi-pronged, deep-dive analysis of a client’s Salesforce environment before the migration work begins.

San Francisco, California (February 18, 2020) AllCloud, a global cloud services provider, has launched the Lightning Migration Assessment (LMA) service for Salesforce users. The assessment is available now to all Salesforce Classic customers that want to leverage the full breadth of the new Salesforce platform. Customers already on Lightning Experience may also benefit from a LMA, as many may not be aware of new or improved solutions that are only available in Lightning Experience.  

Salesforce Lightning Experience is a modern user interface from Salesforce that helps users visualize data more easily and readily. On January 7, 2020, Salesforce activated Lightning Experience for all organizations using Salesforce. Customers can still use Salesforce Classic, but they may not have access to the many new features available with Lightning Experience such as Voice, News and Insights and Auto-Fill, which drive business growth and productivity. 

A Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, AllCloud offers a wide range of Salesforce-specific services, from planning, building and testing to training, deployment and change management. Working from offices in the US, Canada and EMEA, AllCloud’s Salesforce-certified consultants have migrated numerous companies to Salesforce over the past decade, including HighWire, Make-Sense and Zoko Enterprises. 

AllCloud’s LMA service for Salesforce users is based on a proven methodology for implementing and fully utilizing Salesforce Lightning Experience. The service includes a deep-dive assessment of a client’s Salesforce environment as well as a readiness backlog, project plan and roadmap to ensure organizations can easily and fully migrate to the Lightning Experience without losing any functionality.  AllCloud will also suggest solutions using Lightning-ready apps, third-party applications, “smart” changes through in-house development, and estimates including time-to-value and cost-optimization.

“Salesforce Lightning Experience is one of the many tools that Salesforce is using to enhance the future of customer experience, with forward-focused technology and customizable features that are already providing our customers with an agile, competitive edge,” said Peter Nebel, Vice President of Strategy and Practice Development at AllCloud. “It’s only a matter of time before Salesforce Classic is retired, and Salesforce product owners will be left scrambling to migrate against the clock. In most cases, this will be more than just a simple click of a button. In fact, migration can be a complex project that involves serious business changes. AllCloud is well experienced at executing Lightning Experience migration projects and can quickly scope the effort it would take to transition your organization.”

Companies interested in learning more about AllCloud’s LMA service can find more information here.

About AllCloud

AllCloud is a global professional and managed services company providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation. Through a unique combination of expertise and agility, AllCloud accelerates cloud innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from cloud technology. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and a Salesforce Platinum Partner, AllCloud helps clients connect their front office and back office by building a new operating model that allows them to harness the benefits of both Salesforce and AWS. AllCloud is supported by a robust ecosystem of technology partners, proven methodologies, and well-documented best practices, elevating customers by achieving operational excellence on the cloud, within a secure environment, at every milestone of the journey to becoming cloud-first.

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