AllCloud Acquires Integress

Here’s what’s happening at AllCloud

Denver, Colorado (July 15th, 2021) AllCloud, a leading cloud professional services company, has acquired Integress, a data analytics company, to extend its expertise across cloud data and analytics and further accelerate its clients’ cloud journeys. Integress founder and CEO, Dave Taddei, is joining AllCloud as SVP, Data and Analytics Practice, North America. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

AllCloud is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner and a Salesforce Platinum Partner. The firm also has an established data and analytics practice in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The acquisition of Integress enables AllCloud to expand its AWS and Salesforce-centric data and analytics capabilities in North America. As AllCloud clients worldwide evolve and grow along their cloud journeys, increasingly they can rely on AllCloud to help unlock value in their data across Salesforce, AWS and other critical systems. 

Integress has a proven track record of helping clients meet their business outcomes of increased revenue and improved margins, which has been done by making data accessible and actionable through cloud data warehousing, advanced analytics and visualizations. For example, Integress recently helped a transportation logistics company save $2 million by expanding access to data across systems. Integress boasts clients across industries such as healthcare and lifesciences, logistics and transportation, and financial services. In addition, Integress has demonstrated excellence in providing transformative enterprise-level services, including its work with Snowflake, Tableau and Sigma, which naturally aligns with the AWS and Salesforce work AllCloud is conducting currently.

“The market is almost experiencing the equivalent of a perfect storm,” said Doug Shepard, President, North America of AllCloud. “First of all, the move of organizations to the cloud has been accelerated at a rapid pace over the past 18 months. Secondly, beyond simply moving to the cloud, organizations are appreciating the insights, operational efficiencies and strategic improvements that can be made by properly utilizing their data. Over the last several years, Integress has built an incredible business in this space and has emerged as a true innovation leader. In particular, its deep expertise and experience with Snowflake provides them with unique service offerings. Organizations of all sizes are looking for the services and the scale that the AllCloud and Integress combination will bring through this acquisition.”

AllCloud’s data and analytics practice works hand-in-hand with its Salesforce and AWS practices – not only in terms of lead sharing and opportunities, but also with solution and product integration. The acquisition of Integress will provide an opportunity for further specialization while avoiding silos. As AllCloud’s global data and analytics practice continues to grow and evolve, there will be numerous opportunities to integrate further, especially between Salesforce, AWS and new partners like Snowflake. Integress has built a significant number of accelerators, which can be used to expand into AWS and Salesforce with data and analytics offerings that further enable organizations in their ability to accelerate their cloud journey. 

“Clients across the spectrum are looking to Integress and AllCloud to provide cloud knowledge and expertise,” said Taddei. “The combination of offerings and our deep experience in multiple areas, whether it is data and analytics, AWS, Salesforce or Snowflake, will provide better opportunities to meet the full range of client needs.” 

About Integress

Integress is a data analytics company that is focused on helping clients harness their data to make informed and actionable decisions that propel their business forward. With an exceptional team of data analytics experts who bring creativity and passion to every project, Integress helps organizations large and small find opportunities in their data and take advantage of those opportunities to make their business financially stronger, more customer-centric, and gain competitive advantages.

As a Snowflake Select Partner, AWS Select Partner, and a partner of Sigma, Fivetran and Matillion, Integress’s work includes accelerated analytics strategy & design, business intelligence analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence, cloud analytics quick start, could data pipeline & integrations, and cloud data warehousing.

Integress’s customized process and solutions are focused on two core principles: an ability to rapidly begin an engagement and a focus on outcomes.

About AllCloud

AllCloud is a global professional services company providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation. Through a unique combination of expertise and agility, AllCloud accelerates cloud innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from cloud technology.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and a Salesforce Platinum Partner, AllCloud helps clients connect their front office and back office by building a new operating model that allows them to harness the benefits of both AWS and Salesforce. AllCloud is supported by a robust ecosystem of technology partners, proven methodologies, and well-documented best practices. Thereby, elevating customers by achieving operational excellence on the cloud, within a secure environment, at every milestone of the journey to becoming cloud-first.

With a portfolio of thousands of successful cloud deployments, AllCloud serves clients across the globe. AllCloud has offices in Israel, Europe, and North America.

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