Digitally Transforming the Contact Center of the Future with AWS Connect

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If you were to rate your customer service this very second, how do you think you would rate among your competitors? 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is just as important as its products or services.* With this in mind, providing excellent customer service cannot be accomplished with a call center that is too complex, too expensive or too rigid for your customer service representatives to use. Customer service representatives need a call center that is simple, effective, innovative and scalable to accommodate all customer needs and inquiries.

In today’s video, Eric Crump, SVP, AWS North American Practice Lead explains the evolution of the contact center, why excellent customer service starts with your call center and how Amazon Connect incorporates all the necessary elements to be successful and provide value to your business. Eric Crump has successfully led and built profitable services and post-sale customer operations for high-tech product companies and services firms with customer success as the number one goal.

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*Source: 2nd edition Salesforce State of the Connected Customer Report

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