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Leveraging Technology for Business Continuity

A critical component when building a business continuity strategy is to ensure you are properly leveraging existing technologies to resolve immediate challenges.

How your organization can pivot quickly:

Act On The New Service Reality – Enable remote agents with digital engagement tools, build chat-bots to streamline inquiries and empower employees and customers to self-serve through omni-channel support.

Cost effective offerings:

  • Salesforce Care Solution – Salesforce is offering a set of free technology so organizations can respond and stay connected even in a remote environment.
  • Salesforce and AWS Amazon Connect: Salesforce and AWS are teaming up to offer free solutions to help service agents stay connected with customers.

Get On Demand Expertise –
Leverage expertise across all of your Salesforce products in a cost effective, outsourced manner.

Streamline Communications – Organizations need to make quick enhancements. Optimize Marketing Cloud or Pardot so you are set up to communicate quickly with your employees and provide customers realtime updates.

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How AllCloud can help:

AllCloud has a global team of Salesforce experts available to support you and ensure you can pivot, iterate quickly and save valuable time and money.

Managed Services:

Access top Salesforce experts with 24/7 support. Adjust and optimize your existing Salesforce investment across any of your Salesforce products in a fast, cost effective and outsourced manner. Learn more

Salesforce Contact Center and AWS Connect:

As a global Salesforce Platinum Partner and AWS Premier Consulting Partner, AllCloud is one of the only partners with the expertise and skill set across both technologies to take advantage of this new offering.

Salesforce Care Solution Quick Starts:

In support of the Salesforce Care Solution, AllCloud is offering low cost packages to enable organizations to quickly implement and leverage Salesforce technology with: 

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