Salesforce CPQ Accelerator

Leverage CPQ as a Catalyst for Growth

Salesforce CPQ Accelerator

Are complex deals, renewals and contract amendments derailing your sales team? If so, then it’s time for a change. 

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) can alleviate the challenges that limit growth potential by speeding sales cycles to generate your organization more revenue. However, fully delivering on these promises requires proper implementation, alignment and program design. A leading Certified Salesforce Partner, AllCloud delivers the technology planning required to effectively build Salesforce CPQ programs that will help you achieve your business goals and deliver on long-term strategy. 

This 9-week engagement led by certified Salesforce CPQ experts is a unique opportunity to evaluate your business needs and review your organizational readiness at an accelerated pace. With access to AllCloud expertise, organizations will be able to set up Salesforce in the shortest time possible and in relation to their most critical business challenges —accelerate your return on their investment.

Salesforce CPQ Accelerator will give your team the ability to:

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