AllCloud Data Practice

Use Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning to Turn Information into Intelligence

Data is Power

Your organization generates data every second. What you do with that data matters.

Discover how AllCloud’s hyper-agile team can help modernize your data strategy, accelerate your digital transformation and unlock immediate business value.

Solutions and Expertise

Our experienced data team takes a consultative approach to every engagement. We’ll work with you to identify your unique data philosophy, define a clear implementation path and execute your strategy, helping you actualize business goals faster.

Data Pipeline Architecture

We can help you define data-driven workflows, automate the movement of unstructured data and  extract business value from your data with customized data pipeline architecture and data lake blueprint architecture.

AI and ML

AllCloud’s deep expertise will help you harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase your organizational efficiencies, free up human capital and automate tasks to reduce business costs.

Data Analytics

Let us help you realize the power of data analytics to create customer-centric business models, anticipate needs, and improve organizational decision making through sophisticated analytics models.

AllCloud's Data Practice

Customer obsession is at the heart of our data practice. Our team takes a strategic, value-based approach to data, which begins with a live data discovery session.

Based on our experience and findings, AllCloud’s project managers, data scientists, data architects, data engineers, and software engineers will help you define, build, and implement a customized data solution based on  best-practice data lake architecture to deliver on your unique business needs as quickly as possible.

Depending on the business challenges at hand, AI, ML, data analytics, and an effective data pipeline architecture can provide unique insights, reduce costs and overhead, and, ultimately, reveal valuable business opportunities. AllCloud will execute a customized data strategy and manage your data flow—allowing your team to reap immediate business value and focus on      other organizational challenges.

“Working with AllCloud’s team was a great experience, the daily communication and quick response to every question and suggestion allowed EyeControl to achieve all its goals on time with continuous improvement to our data pipeline and trained models.” 

– Osama Geraisi, Team leader at EyeControl

Making Machine Learning Actionable

Putting machine learning into production is about more than simply developing a model, we incorporate ML to solve your business challenges and immediately realize benefits.​

AWS Machine Learning Competency

AllCloud has extensive experience developing and deploying ML models and integrating existing managed AI services to help customers of all types solve business programs and improve processes. And with a vast range of engagement practices available, from consulting to improve existing ML models to full CI/CD pipeline deployments for models and training data, AllCloud has your ML needs covered. 

Further, integration of our ML Ops practice with our Managed Services Practice, including full monitoring and security services orchestration, will provide an additional layer of sophistication to your ML workloads and ensure your business is using ML in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.